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“My hands can reach just this far unless another extents theirs and spreads the word”

In the age of Online selling and E-books , in the era which is thriving on Technology and Fast paced Lifestyles of people , in the times which is bringing about a shift in perspective about the business and literary paradigm – Akshay Sonthalia brings yet another pivotal turn during this vortex of change. Working on a global arena, he has practiced and perfected his skills in writing, which was marked with his first milestone this March when he launched his book on Poetry in KitabKhana, Mumbai. The name of the book is Poet’s Choice. Akshay says, “Poetry comes naturally to me and there’s a reason why that’s so. It is because; poetry is the pioneer of all tongues. Poetry invented language. It is the purest form of expression which comes spontaneously to anyone with a pen and paper.”

poets-choiceHe intends to make Poet’s Choice as a comprehensive series of poems by different authors from India – published in author specific volumes (in keeping with the standard format of the book) as a one stop reference point for all poetry lovers across the globe. He extends an invitation to all poets to wilfully reach out, so that the world can acknowledge them for their creativity.

According to Mr. Akshay poetry has long since been disregarded and called a sunset path of a writer, especially in India. People prefer to listen to songs but they find it ‘boring’ to read poetry. But, that’s not the case in other parts of the world. Some places, like UK and USA, give poets a very respectable stature in their society. They have several societies’ which honours established and emerging authors, through periodicals and events organized occasionally. He wishes to bring that culture here. Besides that, he already has poets from far flung places approaching him for subsequent volumes of Poet’s Choice.

The format basically maintains a standard colour changing cover design with a single author oriented compilation with few excerpts from myself. Akshay is creating a common ground for poets to come together and shout out in unison – POET”S CHOICE. Being a Self Published book series, at this point, Akshay welcome’s any encouragement he could get. Whether it is the book stores, who are interested or be it literary festivals which avail a slot. They are open to all. As of today, their books are available on online e-portals like Amazon and Flipkart.

Publicity in the world of social media isn’t that difficult and nothing can be materialised without funding. To this Akshay says “My hands can reach just this far unless another extents theirs and spreads the word”.

The first book of poet’s choice has been a beautiful compilation of poems and has received much appreciation from those who read the book. It isn’t often that we find such inspiring thinkers who choose to walk the road less travelled.

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