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Poet’s Choice is not just a book series, it is envisioned at building a community.

We are back with another couplet following up on the fast paced success and growth of a book series called Poet’s Choice that was published previously in the July edition of this magazine :

We ask Akshay Sonthalia, the publisher of the book – as to how he managed such a feat, as in just within a couple of weeks of publishing his first book he managed to come up with the next so soon. To which he told us that it wasn’t him, it was the author who came up to him who held out his outstretched hand(My hands can only go thus far…) and faith in him was so strong that the process in getting the next book out became very smooth.

Poet’s Choice

“ I’m blessed to be associated with a poet like Shouvik Hore and have him on board with Poet’s Choice. He is an extremely talented writer. You must hear him speak. We recently had a Book Launch of his book @ The Hive, Khar , Mumbai. He could not be there in person , so we arranged speakers. We connected him via phone to the audience and he zapped everyone present with his skills. His voice expressed more than one could’ve expected. You will find it online on Youtube :

Poet’s Choice is not just a book series, it is envisioned at building a community. It is rampantly moving towards its goal and establishing itself as being a one stop destination for poets across India and Indian poets across the globe to come forward and get their work published with us.

We are very pleased to announce our global presence ever since our book got listed with August. “

We ask Akshay as to how is the 2nd book different from the 1st one? To which he says, “ The first was a flagship book exposing most of my poems whereas this one is focused primarily on Shouvik Hore with a few of my own poems in the end. This is basically, the format of the series and I hope to follow it in all my subsequent books. Although, the co-author of the book needn’t necessarily be myself. It maybe someone my poet recommends too.

We ask Akshay as to where does he see this venture going ? He tells us that he already has over half a dozen poets who are queued up for his subsequent volumes and he will be working on each one of them over the next 6months.

“ I am extremely grateful to YBT Magazine for giving me the push that Poet’s Choice needed. “

And on that note, we wish him all the best with his upcoming ventures.


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