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KeyInsite Launches ‘Business Research On Demand’ Services to Companies in India

PratibhaKeyInsite, a New-York based start up today announced the launch of their services and operations in India that will connect businesses with highly skilled dedicated virtual analysts to economically facilitate information gathering, strategic planning, and market research.

The service as it stands today is designed to be very simple to use. Clients buy flexible hourly packages on the platform, valid for the entire year, and are then connected to a dedicated resource virtually. “We really focus on connecting our client to that one dedicated analyst, who gets to know our client & their company, as much as our client would like and hence can serve them better with more understanding. We really focus on providing research support where a client should not be spending their time on.” Pratibha Vuppuluri, Founder KeyInsite said. The Company provides the virtual research assistant with no restrictions on number of users and clients can seek unlimited research requests.

By placing its focus on a “man+machine” framework, KeyInsite can virtually connect its clients with trained data management analysts and complement it with a library of actionable data points, business analysis and market research frameworks. This dynamic combination has already resulted in quality outputs for clients in the US, Caribbean, UK, and Brazilian markets among others.

The on-demand virtual connection with KeyInsite analysts Vuppuluri explains eliminates layers of unneeded costs for KeyInsite clients, making the service an efficient and cost effective alternative. “At the heart of our operations we are a data science company. However service requests from clients range from simple search requests to custom reports on market trends, newsletters, tracking competitor intelligence, generate weekly leads, and client intelligence from sources on the web,” she adds.

“A team of expert analysts are hired directly through KeyInsite and undergo a rigorous training process to ensure a continued development, which ultimately gives our clients the best results,” says Vuppuluri. Our resources have the same caliber as an in-house business analyst that our clients would have in their office. Difference being, our clients purchase the amount of hours that they need, say 10 hours and they get connected to their resource virtually” adds Vuppuluri.

KeyInsite is now expanding its services to Indian businesses, with its virtual team of highly skilled analysts to economically facilitate information gathering, strategic planning, and market research.

About KeyInsite :

KeyInsite is a high touch research team on demand service for businesses globally. We are industry agnostic and primarily focus on business research and analysis. From researching day to day questions to helping in complex research projects. The aim is to help clients drive revenues through actionable intelligence derived from enterprise and web based data points. KeyInsite is currently working out of New York & Hyderabad locations.

Led by Pratibha Vuppuluri as its CEO and Founder, the two-year build up has seen the New York-based startup successfully undertake projects with Fortune 500 companies, Hedge Funds, Private Equity Funds and Venture Capital firms. With plans starting at Rs.15, 000, companies can get access to virtual research support, instantly and 24/7.

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