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Business Profile – Trimaan Chandock

 Trimaan1Trimaan Chandock is a BSc in Management Studies and MSc in Commerce from H.R. College, University of Mumbai. He started his career as an entrepreneur in the Family Business at Balu India, an OEM supplier of crankshafts at the tender age of 15. With regular visits to the factory located at Belgaum, crankshaft and the automobile industry grew upon him and he made various visits to customers all around the world helping him understand the nature of the demand and the product of different markets. One of the most notable achievements was expansion of business not only to BRIC nations but also to notable OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer) in Europe and now going into Backward Integration by setting up a Forging Plant in Pune.

During his bachelor studies in B.M.S. (Bachelor of Management Studies) at the age of 18, he started taking care of the Imperial Group of Hotels, another arm of the family business. During his short tenure at the arm, he saw a lot of opportunities of unused space. Thus being an opportunistic, he opened his first Rooftop Cafe and Grill known as Imperial Cafe on the terrace. This turned out to be a great stepping stone to directing the future. He always believes that passion and love for anything would be the great drivers of success in anything you do. After finishing his Bachelors Education, at the age of 21, one of the most notable achievements of his life was setting up a brand new hospitality wing of the business known as Balu Hospitality which had its specialization in the Food and Beverage industry. The vision of Balu Hospitality is to be the fastest growing & leading Food & Beverage company providing its patrons highest quality of food & service, keeping in mind the long term viability & profitability of the organisation. By the end of 2012, Balu Hospitality set up its first Lounge Bar known as Zouk Bar & Grill in Andheri specializing in molecular and tiki cocktails in a 3000 sq.ft. plush lounge setting serving world cuisine and cerveza from all around the world. We got notable achievement in this field and was the most sort after sports bar in the industry wherein industry experts Bleachers Report, an independent agency rated us as the best place in India and 6th best place in the world to watch a football match .


As one things leads on to another, the passion never ceased and in 2014 the second most notable achievement of Balu Hospitality was launched, a revolutionary fast casual dining concept of Loco Chino. Loco Chino, an out of the box concept serving the best of Asian and a live Tex-Mex Station was India’s answer to Chipotle and serving authentic Asian food to tickle the taste bud. Loco Chino expanded into two arms in Mumbai at Pedder Road and Carter Road and third one opening in Oshiwara in April. Openings in India’s premium metros of Delhi and Banaglore will be followed in 2015 and Balu Hospitality plans to open 50 outlets by end 2017 of this revolutionary concept.



Another feather in the Cap, end 2014/2015 was the launch of India’s only Latin American restaurant called Asado in Mumbai which had the best of flavors from Peru, Columbia, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, etc. “Asado” is a high end fine dining concept. The concept comprises of a team of talented chefs preparing mouth watering delicacies carefully and confidently selected from the world of Gastronomy, with a distinctive forte in ‘Molecular Cooking’ used for Food presentations. The team will use some of the latest and contemporary cooking techniques like ‘Sous Vide’ and ‘Lave Stone Grill’ to give a world class culinary experience to our esteemed foodies.

Trimaan Chandock, director of Balu Hospitality at the age of 24 believes that setting a vision and following your passion and determination towards your goals are the most critical drivers for success. He believes that value and innovation are key drivers to derive a competitive advantage in the industry. Seizing opportunities, creating value will facilitate growth and lead to customer satisfaction. The consumer is the king and the ideals of serving the highest quality of food without any compromise will lead to customer satisfaction keeping in mind the environment and society. “This is just a stepping stone and we have miles to go to become the leading F&B brand in the country.

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